We supply for hire two types of  ‘props’  packages. 

       (a)    …    The  ‘Props’  package.

       (b)    …    The  ‘Mini-Props’  package.


***  The ‘Props’ package  *** 

The props for ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ basically fall into three main area’s. …  The Street Scene  which is mainly dressing which you would expect to find in and around an American Street like ‘Skid Row’.  … Mushnik’s Flower Shop  and …  The Dentist’s.

With our ‘props’ package you will be supplied with all the props required to run the show along with many extra props designed to assist and enhance the smooth transition between scene changes.  


***  The  ‘Mini-Props’  Package  ***

Our  ‘Mini-props’  package is a basic props package which is often favoured by schools,  small or low budget productions.  … We supply a shortened version of our full props package at a reduced cost.  It allows you to make or source additional props of your own to accompany our supplied props.