The set of four ‘Audrey II’ puppets

There are three styles of plants for this show they are known as ‘The Tulip’, ‘The Octopus’ and ‘The Clam’.  ..We supply for hire ‘The Tulip’ and ‘The Octopus’ versions.

The ‘Tulip’ Version:   This is the most popular ‘plants’ version for “Little Shop of Horrors” and is the one that is specified for the stage version of the show, which is what we are doing.  …There are four puppets making up the ‘plants’ package which are known as ‘pods’. Pod 1 is the smallest, through to pod 4 which is the largest, we also include the counter in our ‘plants’  package as it’s fitted with the locking mechanism required to secure “POD  1”  (the smallest plant) to the counter to allow the “puppeteer” to manipulate the puppet during the scene and through to the end of ‘Grow for me’. …“POD 2”  is an arm puppet which appears after the radio interview and is carried by Seymour.  It comes attatched to a red jacket which has a false right arm, Seymour’s right arm goes into the puppet which he manipulates in the same manner as Rod Hull’s Emu. …“Pod 3” appears after the ‘renovation’ , sings FEED ME, eats Orin the dentist and closes Act 1.  Ours  sits in a pot approx 1 – 1.2 metres wide  and approx 1 metre high, the ‘puppeteer’ sits inside and puts his/her legs inside the two front tentacles and operates the lips with his/her arms and hands.  …“Pod 4”  (the largest plant) appears after the interval, stays for the entire second act and eats just about everyone.  When on  stage  our  ‘pod 4’  covers a floor area of approx  8’0″  (2.5 metres) metres round,   when upright   (the first 20 mins. of act 2)  the crest of the head is about  10’0″ (3 metres) high, the arms are 14’0″  (4.2 metres)  long,  they bend at the elbows and the claws ‘grab’.  …The puppet is mechanical and operated by the ‘puppeteer’ and three crew members.   

 We have THREE complete sets of ‘plants’ , the pods 1, 2 & 3 are identical but the ‘pod 4’ models are slightly different from each other to suit individual tastes and requirements.

PHOTOGRAPHS  of our ‘plants’ can be seen by scrolling through our brochure,  which can be downloaded. .. Click  “BROCHURE”  on our link bar. 

The Octopus Version: This version has three puppets and a ‘conversion’ pot for Act 2. It is a smaller set of plants and is popular amongst smaller school productions and venues that have poor access (i.e.  less tham 3’0″ – 1 metre,  a single door).  These puppets are shown in a separate brochure, if you are interested please contact us for the additional brochure and we’ll explain how they work.

The Clam Version: This version is similar to the one shown in the film, it is less versatile, smaller and has less visual impact on stage as ‘The Tulip’ which was specifically designed for the stage show.