plant-smallWe prefer you to use our transport,  we offer a streamlined service using the smallest vehicle required to service your hire, and is priced virtually at cost.

We undertake the transportation as a service to you but it allows us total control over the movements of our packages, so we know exactly when the items are leaving and being returned to our depot, therefore maximising their hiring potential.

Our transport quote is inclusive of  EVERYTHING.  … Drivers wages. … fuel costs. … comprehensive transit insurance for all our goods. … any hire charges or vehicle costs etc.. … Your responsibility for the hired items does not begin until they are unloaded at your venue, and ends when the items are re-loaded onto our vehicle at the end of your hire.

Because of it’s size the largest ‘plant’ will arrive in a dismantled condition, it is for transportation reasons and also to allow it easy access into your venue.   When inside we will ‘build’ the plant to it’s working condition and demonstrate how it works.   … This is included in the transport charge.

When you’ve decided which ‘packages’ you would like to hire, please contact us with your requirements.   We can then give you an accurate transport quote based upon those requirements and the location of your venue.