plant-smallTheatre Props is an independent theatrical hire company,   we specialise in one show only, that is  ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and have done so for over 20 years.  We know this show inside-out and do not  hire out any other show.  We’re  acknowledged  by   N.O.D.A. National   and    Josef  Weinberger (the licence holders)  who  regularly  send  customers  to  us  for  help  and information.

We have taken the  stage version of “Little Shop Of Horrors” and split it into  three packages which can be hired  collectively or  independently of each other.    All three packages hired together make the complete ‘show’.

The Packages are  :

  1. The  ‘Plants’   package The set of four ‘Audrey II’ puppets, plus the counter.
  2. The  ‘Props’ package The entire props package, plus many extra’s.
  3. The  ‘Set’ package Mushnik’s flower shop, skid row, all attached props and flowers

All of our items have been designed and constructed by ourselves in our workshops.  They are all to relative scale and are built and decorated to compliment each other and Skid-Row.  Photographs of all our items can be seen in our brochure which can be downloaded.  .. Click   ‘BROCHURE’   on our link bar.  …If you require any help or information regarding this show don’t hesitate to contact us.